What does Sminem mean?

Sminem (also known in Russia as Elf) is a Russian teenager who has become an internet meme, thanks to a photo in which he wears a knock-off Eminem merchandise t-shirt that spells “sminem”.

Both this and the boy’s funny appearance helped him to become an internet sensation.


What's the origin of Sminem?

The original photo of Roman Zuev a.k.a Sminem was posted on the Russian website in 2014.

Somebody then found this image in 2015 and submitted it to Reddit’s /r/ANormaldayinRussia, where it quickly became a primary matter of discussion among peers of the community.

Spread & Usage

How did Sminem spread?

Sminem initially was popular on Reddit exclusively. In 2016, the original image was posted on /r/funny.

Later, in 2016, the trend was caught up on 4chan, as more and more images of the boy started to surface on various boards. This eventually led to the expansion of the Sminem meme’s lore.

Sminem has also become the unofficial mascot of 4chan’s crypto currency community /biz/ in 2018.

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