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What does Soft Girl mean?

Soft Girl is a fashion and lifestyle, among young adult women and teenage girls.

A “Soft girl” wears mainly pink and yellow-coloured clothes, skirts and oversized shirts and sweaters.

“Soft Girls” usually wear heavy blush and heart and floral patterned clothes and accessories. It’s a cute, innocent feminine look.

Being a “Soft Girl” can also come with a vulnerable, cute and tender personality. It isn’t just about the looks, but about expressing their feelings and being a more of a sentimental person.

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What's the origin of Soft Girl?

“Soft Girls” are one of those “girl types”, such as e-girls and VSCO girls that have gotten popular since the app Tiktok got more users and recognition in the late 2010s.

The “Soft Girl” style appeared on various social media platforms since then in 2018.

The term can also be associated with the  “Soft boy” or “Softboi” style, and they also highly influenced this particular style of the girls.

“Soft boy” is a slang for younger men who adopt more gentle, more feminine like style and manner.

It should be noted that since Tiktok, a so-called “Soft Boy Pandemic” started, therefore the term can also be used as an insult.

Spread & Usage

How did Soft Girl spread?

The term got its first entry written on Urban Dictionary in April 2019.

Also in that year it got more recognition and was a wider topic of conversations around the end of the year, in November and December.

There was also a trend on Tiktok in which girls transformed themselves into this more sentimental look from a for example e-girl look which is more like a gothic, darker style.

There are articles, tweets and Youtube videos about how to achieve the look of an ultimate “Soft Girl”, and to guide young girls on the journey of becoming a “Soft girl”.

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