Soft Girl


What does Soft Girl mean?

Soft Girl is a popular fashion and lifestyle trend that has captured the hearts of young adult women and teenage girls. This style exudes cuteness, innocence, femininity with its predominantly pink and yellow-colored clothing items such as skirts, oversized shirts or sweaters.

To complete this look “Soft Girls” often don heavy blushes along with heart-shaped floral patterned clothes which add to their cute appearance. However, it’s not just about looks but also personality traits like being vulnerable, tender-hearted while expressing emotions openly, making them more sentimental in nature.

The male counterpart for “Soft Girl” would be Alt Boy; although they differ, in style, together, they form a colorful TikTok couple!


What's the origin of Soft Girl?

In recent times, a new breed of girl types has emerged in the world of social media. These include e-girls and VSCO girls, but perhaps none are as soft-spoken and gentle as the “Soft Girls”. This particular style gained popularity on various platforms back in 2018 when TikTok was starting to gain more users.

Interestingly enough, this trend is not limited to just one gender. The term “Soft Boy” or “Softboi” refers to young men who adopt a more feminine-like demeanor with their clothing choices and mannerisms.

It’s no surprise that they have also played an influential role in shaping the “Soft Girl” aesthetic.

However, it should be noted that since TikTok became mainstream, there has been what some call a “soft boy pandemic”. As such, using these terms can now come across as insulting rather than endearing.

Spread & Usage

How did Soft Girl spread?

In April 2019, the term “Soft Girl” made its debut on Urban Dictionary – a momentous occasion for linguists and trendsetters alike. As the year progressed, this phrase gained more traction and became a hot topic in conversations towards the end of November and December.

TikTok also played host to an intriguing transformation trend where girls would morph from their edgy e-girl aesthetic into something altogether more sentimental – embodying all that it means to be a true “Soft Girl”.

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of articles, tweets or YouTube videos dedicated to helping young women achieve “Soft Girl” status. It seems everyone wants in on this coveted look!

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