What does Tendies mean?

Chicken tenders, affectionately known as Tendies in the depths of 4chan lore, are a delicacy fit for a certain type of protagonist. They can be encountered in a series of greentext stories, depicting a character, similar to Eric Cartman from South Park, with an extra helping of entitlement and mommy issues – this grotesque millennial complains about normies while living off his divorced mother’s dime.

In the family dramas featuring our hero, he retaliates against any perceived slight from dear old mom with bizarre and revolting acts that would make even the bravest stomachs turn.
But don’t worry ladies, there’s also a female version floating around those same threads!

Thanks to its cult following on 4chan (as well as Reddit‘s own r/WallStreetBets), “Tendies” have transcended mere chicken nuggets to become slang for successful stock market speculation. So go ahead and celebrate your financial victories by shouting out Winner Winner Chicken Dinner…or just stick with good ol’ “Tendies” if you prefer!



What's the origin of Tendies?

“Tendies” has been an expression, widely used by parents in the US, to refer to chicken tenders for their kids. It was later adopted by the dwellers of 4chan, who merged the term with the image of the archetypical spoiled momma’s boy – Eric Cartman.

In October 2014, a series of posts emerged on the notorious website. These greentext stories featured an individual who happened to be both overweight and autistic in nature, and told of his exploits, taking revenge on his mother for minor infringements.

Fast-forward to January of the following year, when a thread was initiated that served as somewhat of a reckoning for those deemed “Normies.” It became abundantly clear through various anecdotes shared by users that this guy’s love for “Tendies” (chicken nuggets) knew no bounds.

Spread & Usage

How did Tendies spread?

The tales of “Tendies” have garnered immense admiration on Reddit, with the subreddit 4chan being renamed #4tendies in honor of these delectable chicken slices. This craze even made its way to Mumsnet where a distressed mother sought help for her son’s obsession with “Tendies” and mischief.

In 2021, r/WallStreetBets gained global attention due to various factors and “Tendies” became synonymous with profitable trades – thanks to the popular catchphrase Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Since then, this term has been widely used as slang for lucrative opportunities.

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