Top kek


What does Top kek mean?

Top kek is a reaction, similar to the acronym LOL, only with a lot more layers around it.

It is the ultimate height of being hilarious; it’s more powerful than saying “most funniest”.


What's the origin of Top kek?

Kek originates from Blizzard’s Starcraft, where Korean characters weren’t supported and when a Korean player wrote “hahaha” it displayed “kekeke” with latin characters.

Blizzard kept the joke going in World of Warcraft, where Horde players writing LOL was seen as KEK by Alliance players.

Top kek was born nearly 10 years to the birth of World of Warcraft, when 4chan users discovered the Turkish cake; Topkek.

Immediately, it became the new meme sensation, quickly becoming associated with Pepe the frog, the dankest of all.

Spread & Usage

How did Top kek spread?

In the same year of Topkek’s discovery, an Urban Dictionary, as well as Encyclopedia Dramatica entries were added on the new phenomenon.

Soon after this, YouTube videos with the title Top kek started to appear, gaining huge numbers of viewers.

Kek did not reach the end of its career as of yet though.

Around 2016, 4chan users discovered the Egyptian deity; Kek who – coincidentally – is depicted as a frog headed man.

This event, similarly to the discovery of Shadilay, led memers to the conclusion, that meme magic is real and powerful as ever.

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