What does Ulzzang mean?

Ulzzang (also can be spelled as eoljjang) is a South Korean term that literally translates to “best face” or “handsome”. The slang word is generally used to define people of attractive facial attributes, on the internet.

The ones who are attributed to these characteristics are usually everyday people, who present themselves to the folks of the internet by taking and uploading a selfie.

The term can be applied both on males and females.



What's the origin of Ulzzang?

The usage of ulzzang started when the South Korean population was first exposed to social media during the mid-90s. This was also the time when small-sized cameras for commercial use became widely accessible.

Eventually, the term was popularized among youngsters, after beauty contests were organized more and more on social media site Cyworld, where participants were asked to take selfies and then people would vote on who is the most attractive

Spread & Usage

How did Ulzzang spread?

Ulzzang was only a popular trend in South Korea initially, but eventually it has spread over Asia, including Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, and other South-Asian countries.

The hype was arguably at its largest during the end of 2000s and the start of the 2010s, when even beauty agencies were scouting the contests for young talent, and many Asian stars emerged from the lines of those who received the title ulzzang.

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