Woman Crush Wednesday


What does Woman Crush Wednesday mean?

Woman Crush Wednesday, also referred to as WCW is an online social practice on Tumbr, Instagram and Facebook, where users post pictures of their female crushes on Wednesday.

The movement began in 2010, largely in response to the Man Crush Monday game, which had existed before.

“Woman Crush Wednesday” then turned into the hashtag #WCW and started to be endorsed by women all around the internet, giving appreciation to each other, around 2015.


What's the origin of Woman Crush Wednesday?

The first ever appearance of “Woman Crush Wednesday” happened in a 2010 tweet, in which user @tayyyllooorrr enthusiastically shares, that her woman crush shared his WCW post on Tumblr.

Spread & Usage

How did Woman Crush Wednesday spread?

The phenomenon started to spread through hashtags in 2012, appearing on many of the popular social media platforms, from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook and Tumbr.

In 2013, Andre Drummond and Jennette McCurdy ended up going on dates after the NFL player posted a picture of the actress on “Woman Crush Wednesday”.

In the same year, media outlets published their favorite woman crushes and explained the meaning of the trend.

The phenomenon was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2015, with a couple of other entries being uploaded in the years since then.

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