What does Y’all’s mean?

Y’all’s is the possessive form of the Southern U.S. colloquial expression “y’all”.

The word is almost identical in meaning to “yours”, however, it is only plural and not singular.

People sometimes mistake y’all’s with “y’alls”, which although looks similar, is not a possessive form, and simply means “you lot”.


What's the origin of Y’all’s?

The stem of the expression – “y’all” – traces back to old Britain. The word’s possible predecessor is “ye aw”, which is a derivative of the pre-Anglicized language of the Scots.

It saw constant development throughout the centuries and finally appeared in the U.S. in the 18th century, initially in New York.

Eventually, it grew more prominent in the Southern part of the country and now is regarded as Southern slang. The colloquial y’all’s came to existence as a byproduct of the expression.

Spread & Usage

How did Y’all’s spread?

Y’all’s is commonly used in the Southern states of the United States, especially in Texas.

Currently there are 8 articles found on Urban Dictionary that relate to the slang. The first of them was coined by user MichelleW in 2006.

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