Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud


What does Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud mean?

Yoshi commits tax fraud refers to a running gag online, about the fictional Nintendo video game character, Yoshi from the Super Mario games evading paying his taxes.

The joke has already been around on social media for a while; however, it was popularized by SilvaGunner in 2018.


What's the origin of Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud?

An early occurrence of the joke comes from May, 2016, when a Tumblr argument ensued about the imperfections of Yoshi.

When a user was making efforts at proving the innocence of Yoshi, user druddigton commented “Yoshi committed tax fraud”, later supporting his argument by adding a photoshopped image of Yoshi, saying he committed tax fraud.

Spread & Usage

How did Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud spread?

“Yoshi commits tax fraud” became a running joke over the years, appearing in all sorts of contexts, from Twitter to Tumblr to YouTube and Reddit.

Starting in 2018, the joke would start to be referenced by the soundclown tracks of SilvaGunner, further spreading the popularity of “Yoshi commits tax fraud”.

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