Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze


What does Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze mean?

Is the juice worth the squeeze is an idiomatic expression that builds around the idea of something being so hard to achieve, that it might not even be worth it to work for it.

A more commonly used variation of this phrase is “is it worth it?”, which means exactly the same.


What's the origin of Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

The phrase is originated from the actual squeezing of fruits for the purpose of getting some delicious and fresh juice out of them.

It is not a new expression, it came around at the mid-20th century and stayed with us since then.

Spread & Usage

How did Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze spread?

Is the juice worth the squeeze became a commonly used phrase during the 1900s, especially after exotic fruits like orange became widely accessible for the average person.

The expression has also made appearances in pop-culture over the years, like in the 2004 movie called The Girl Next Door.

One scene of the movie features Kelly (portrayed by Timothy Olyphant), uttering the line: “Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze”, that eventually became a signature element of the film.

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