What does Itanimulli mean?

Itanimulli is the name of the infamous organisation “illuminati” spelled backwards.

Great conspiracy theories surrounded the word, mainly because writing it into any search bar will lead you to NSA’s government webpage (National Security Agency), causing enthusiasts to go crazy.

However, the NSA’s connection to the Illuminati turned out to be a hoax and was abandoned by most – with an exemption of extreme conspiracy theory fanatics.


What's the origin of Itanimulli?

Itanimulli was debunked when proven being a prank started by so-called “Mr. John Fenley” from Provo, Utah, who has no connection to the government, neither does he believe in the illuminati.

As it turns out, it is very easy to buy a domain name – – and redirect it to another website –

The prank started in 2009 and was claimed a hoax the very same year.

Spread & Usage

How did Itanimulli spread?

The hoax is shared and searched for on multiple platforms all over the internet, with a surprising extra interest from countries such as Russia and Poland.

The redirection was temporarily dismantled short after the debunking of the prank, then re-enabled for several years after. It is currently not working, however, if the word is written into any search bar, NSA’s web link is the first to come up as a result.

Young people and conspiracy theorists are the main interest group.

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