Jazz cigarette


What does Jazz cigarette mean?

Jazz cigarette is simply another name for the beloved marijuana.

It’s the same as “joint”, “spliff”, “pot”, “kush” and many many more synonyms for the psychoactive drug.

The term was mainly used around the 20’s, when jazz music was in its golden age, and many of the musicians could be found enjoying the relaxing effects of the “jazz cigarette”.

MRW the delivery guy finally comes & I’ve had a whole jazz cigarette


What's the origin of Jazz cigarette?

During the 20’s, New Orleans was one of the most festive cities in all of US, and soldiers and sailors would frequent the place for some holistic fun.

The cannabis used in the “jazz cigarette” would enter the city by the port, and quickly gained fame for its psychoactive effects.

During this time, jazz music was somewhat controversial in all of US, both because it was a new genre, and because it was played mainly by black people.

Therefore, the music started out in underground businesses such as brothels and nightclubs.

As these establishments were already places of pleasure, the feeling of euphoria from a marijuana joint were welcomed, and the combination of the jazz music and the fun cigarette gave way for its new nickname, the “jazz cigarette”.

Spread & Usage

How did Jazz cigarette spread?

Unfortunately, the fact that mainly black and “low-class” inhabitants found joy in the drug was soon followed up by prohibition of marijuana.

Various organizations claimed that the drug was dangerous and could drive you mad – all as a way of restricting the black population even further.

The “jazz cigarette” was outlawed by the mid-20’s.

The term has also been mentioned in pop-culture repeatedly.

In 2013, English indie and reggae band Jeremiah Ferrari released their single “Jazz Cigarette”.

Cabaret singer Ali McGregor performs her show “Jazz Cigarette” with 3 jazz musicians, playing jazz ballads, and sassy blues.

It is easy to say that both jazz music and “jazz cigarettes”, once outlawed, has come to stay.

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