Jesus H Christ


What does Jesus H Christ mean?

A reference to the Messiah of Christianity, Jesus Christ.

Jesus H. Christ is considered an expletive statement, used as a reaction to surprise, anger or excitement.

The religious figure Jesus Christ does not originally have a middle name “H.”, and using his name as a manner of profanity or offence is considered blasphemy by believers.

When people use this name, they will often put extra pressure on the “H”. Some suggest that the H stands for “holy”, while others have suggested that it stands for “Harold”.

Some even suggest that it has connection to the way “Jesus” is written with greek letters.


What's the origin of Jesus H Christ?

Where the phrase comes from is unknown, but even in Mark Twain’s autobiography (1835-1910), the phrase was used.

The idea of “H” standing for “holy” comes from the Christian religion that Jesus Christ is a holy figure.

Although “Harold” sounds like a somewhat random suggestion, it originates from the bible verse: “Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name”, which by the common folk and children might have been misinterpreted as “Harold be thy name”.

Spread & Usage

How did Jesus H Christ spread?

The name is used as a profanity and exclamation phrase by native English speakers.

It can also have a humorous twist, and, as many other things, has been used in the internet meme world, especially in false references to the actual religious figure.

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