Johnny on the Spot


What does Johnny on the Spot mean?

Johnny on the spot is an expression for someone, who is always available and ready to help in times of need.

This kind of person is the ultimate friend; someone who is not only there when he gains something from his presence, but rather he is even there when he has to give something.


What's the origin of Johnny on the Spot?

The phrase is considered to be originating from New York, during the late 1800’s.

The first documented appearance of the expression was printed on an April issue of the New York Sun in 1896.

“Johnny on the spot” is described as someone who is present when and wherever help is needed.

Spread & Usage

How did Johnny on the Spot spread?

The expression, while not growing out to be one of the major phrases of the English language, had still gained some level of popularity over the last century and entered common thought.

Today, “Johnny on the spot” is rarely heard, but from time to time it may slip the mouth of someone, gratuitous to a friend how is always ready to help.

The first definition of “Johnny on the spot” was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2005.

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