Junk in the Trunk


What does Junk in the Trunk mean?

Junk in the Trunk is a slang phrase, symbolically referring to a plump, juicy pair of buttocks.

The expression associates women with cars (due to the great love men have for both of them) and identifies the rear end of a car (trunk) with the rear end of a woman (the booty).

If there is plenty of “junk in the trunk” then it means, the female in question has a good amount of material in her butt; has a bottom that is pleasing to the senses.


What's the origin of Junk in the Trunk?

The phrase originates form African American Vernacular English, and most likely developed in the 1990’s.

It takes the generalized meaning of junk, that may refer to anything from stuff to drugs to rubbish and uses it as a rhyming term to trunk, that is a symbolic term for the rear end of a woman.

During the 90’s the phrase had appeared in the Jerry Springer Show as well as the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Spread & Usage

How did Junk in the Trunk spread?

The rising popularity of hip hop culture and rap music had brought several black slang terms into the mainstream slang, including the phrase “junk in the trunk”.

In 2003, the first Urban Dictionary entry was uploaded on the subject.

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