Keyboard Warrior


What does Keyboard Warrior mean?

A keyboard warrior is a person, who fights his battles through their virtual accounts, in the form of refined ranting and martial use of sentences to his benefit.

The signature weapon of the said warrior is hinted in the name; it is the keyboard, which they use to obliterate their enemies, through the use of CAPSLOCK.

“Keyboard warriors” are only found on the internet, especially in the comments sections of social media platforms, as well as various message boards.

The Keyboard Warrior


What's the origin of Keyboard Warrior?

The term was first used sometime between 2005 and 2010.

The first Urban Dictionary entry on these relentless combatants was written in 2005, describing them as seeking conflicts on sites of the time, especially social media platforms, such as MSN or MyVIP was.

Spread & Usage

How did Keyboard Warrior spread?

With the advancement of time, the term keyboard warrior became more and more widely used, even infiltrating foreign languages by appearing as a direct translation from English.

Today most people know what to imagine, when a claviature knight is mentioned; someone who poses a threat only for as long as he has a computer with internet access and a keyboard.

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