What does Commiefornia mean?

Commiefornia is a humorous nickname or a serious insult, directed to the state of California to mock its progress, achieved in the social welfare system, as well as LGBT rights.

The term is a combination of the words commie (communist) and California, resulting in the portmanteau, found in the title.


What's the origin of Commiefornia?

“Commiefornia” was created and is used by right wing voters, who see a similarity between the State of California and the various socialist states of history.

The first entry on the subject was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2005.

Spread & Usage

How did Commiefornia spread?

The mocking moniker started to take off more and more among American right leaning voters in the 2010’s, as they observed California turning more and more to liberalism.

Conservative voters in the United States view progresses, like the legalization of same sex marriage and cannabis as an attempt at creating a socialist state inside the federation.

“Commiefornia” is almost exclusively used by right-leaning voters, or people, who are using it in an ironical manner.

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