What does Greyromantic mean?

Greyromantic, alternatively spelled “gray-romantic”, is a romantic orientation that mainly belongs on the aromantic spectrum, however people with this identity regularly feel like their experience cannot be fully defined as aromantic.

They are aromantic, but simultaneously, not.

This is usually because they generally do not develop romantic feelings towards anyone, but once in a while they might experience having a crush.

For some “greyromatics”, romantic feeling only appear once in a lifetime. For others, it can happen regularly, but unfrequently, as opposed to “alloromantics” (people who frequently experience romantic attractions).


What's the origin of Greyromantic?

Made up of the term “grey” and “romantic”, as a metaphor to their romantic orientation being in the “grey zone”.

The earliest mention of “greyromantic” was in 2006, by self identified grey asexual KSpaz on the platform AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network).

Spread & Usage

How did Greyromantic spread?

The Tumblr blog Shades of Grayro led by Laura creates a community for all people on the aromantic spectre, but particularly for “greyromantics” and romance-favorable identities.

“Grayromantics” can also identify with other orientations, such as homoromanticism, meaning that they generally don’t feel romantic emotions, yet when they do, it is usually towards people of the same gender.

The “grayromantic” pride flag consists of five horizontal stripes in the colours dark green, light green, white, grey, black. Cameronwhimsy on Tumblr explains that the green is for the people on the aromantic spectrum, the white is the platonic stripe, and grey/black is the diverse sexuality spectrum.

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