What does Intergender mean?

A person who is intergender has a non-binary gender identity that lays in between the binary genders. They may identify as neither, or a mix of both.

In general, the term is not to be confused with “intersex”, a person who is born with genitals that aren’t typical for neither the female, nor the male sex, or in some cases, genitals of both sexes.

There are some who claim that in order to identify as “intergender”, you must be born intersex. However, the majority of the LGBTQ community disagrees with this statement.

The “intergender” persons gender expression is often androgynous, or a variation of the two binary genders, male and female.


What's the origin of Intergender?

Made up of “inter-” meaning “between”, and gender, indicating that the person is in between genders.

In 1998, “intergender” Donna Lynn Matthews created an own Usenet discussion and support group for people who identifies as “in between genders”, and explained what “intergender” means.

Spread & Usage

How did Intergender spread?

In the 90’s, “intergender” had a much broader meaning than today, and it could be defined similar to the 2010’s “non-binary”. It was only in 1998 that Donna Lynn Matthews defined “intergender” as we know it today.

In today’s society, a gender expression that does not fall within binary genders comes with many complications. That’s why, in 2000, Deird Duncan created the term “interdressing”, a form of gender expression that does not fit into solely female or male.

The term, which is somewhat controversial, has been coined repeatedly by various people who claim that their own definition is correct. Therefore, in 2014, Tumblr user Aeshling re-coined the term with the new meaning stating that only intersex people can be “intergender”.

Her claim is still under discussion, and as of today, both meanings are correct.

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