What does Neutrois mean?

A person who is neutrois identifies as a neutral, or “null” gender. They neither identify as man nor woman, but as no gender at all.

“Neutrois” is one of many non-binary gender identities.

They often experience dysphoria in todays’ binary favoring society, and some turn to transition, which in contrast to trans people’s binary change of genitals, for “neutrois” people mean removing all sex characteristics.

“Neutrois” people’s gender expression – AKA the way they dress and express themselves – is similar to the way they feel, androgynous and neutral.

The “neutrois” pride flag is 3 striped from top to bottom, in the colours white, green and black.


What's the origin of Neutrois?

Although being a rarely used term until the 2010’s, it was coined already in 1995. The person who coined it was H. A. Burnham, a self-identified “neutrois”, that attempted to define the non-binary gender identity to other people in online forums.

Spread & Usage

How did Neutrois spread?

In 2013, “neutrois” was mentioned as one of many valid non-binary gender identities in “Sexuality and Gender for Mental Health Professionals: A Practical Guide”.

One year after, Facebook included “neutrois” as one of 50 gender options to choose from.

In 2013, agender Sasha Fleischman was set on fire by another student while napping on a bus. As a result, photographer Chloe Aftel started “The Agender Project”, a series of portraits featuring non gender-conforming people, to show the beauty and versatility of this non-binary identity.

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