What does Queerplatonic mean?

A queerplatonic relationship is one that does not bend to the established rules as of what separates a platonic and a romantic relationship.

“Queerplatonic relationships” are also called “quasiplatonic” or “quirkyplatonic”.

Generally, certain societal “rules” exist to separate romantic and non-romantic relationships. In most cultures, romantic relationships are more physically affectionate, often include sex, and more emotional connections than with someone who is just your friend. It is also the person you would likely buy a house and raise a child with.

“Queerplatonic” relationships say that you can do these things without having a romantic relationship. You can have the same level of commitment, live under the same roof, have a strong emotional connection, but with no romantic desires.

“Queerplatonic” states that you can have just as committed, deep relationships with a friend as you could with a romantic partner.


What's the origin of Queerplatonic?

Made up of theterm “queer” and “platonic”.

In the 16th century, “queer” meant “odd” or “weird”, but today means any orientation or gender identity that does not conform to the standard heteronormative, cis-gender society we live in.

Platonic has been around since the 17th century in the English language, but dates even further back in Latin. It originally meant “non-sexual”, but today refers to non-sexual and non-romantic relationships.

The two together therefore means “weird” or “unusual” platonic relationships, that are neither romantic, nor sexual.

The term was first mentioned in a comment on a Dreamwith post, by user Meloukhia in 2010.

Spread & Usage

How did Queerplatonic spread?

After the first mention in a forum, Meloukhia introduced the term to Tumblr in 2011, known for being very open to LGBTQ topics.

In May 2020, an own day was chosen for “queerplatonic” relationships, equivalent to Valentine’s Day for romantic relationships. The new “QPR” Day is the third Saturday of May, every year.

The suggestion for an own day was done by Tumblr users aro-ace-trashcan and dragonheartetk.

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