What does Sapphic mean?

Sapphic is an old term, with a new meaning, coming from the 21st century.

Originally, “Sapphic” referred to a poetic style, that mimicked the ancient poet, Sappho, who wrote about her love toward both men and women.

Today, the term “Sapphic” refers to a woman feeling attraction or love toward other women.


What's the origin of Sapphic?

The term comes from the name of the ancient Greek poet of Lesbos.

It first appeared in English around 1500 to describe poems and literary works, somehow relating to Sappho.

“Sapphic” comes from the Latin word Sapphicus, which literally translates to Sappho-like.

Spread & Usage

How did Sapphic spread?

The contemporary popularity of the term “Sapphic” and the expression “Sapphic love” comes from the success and spread of the LGBT movement, which is eagerly celebrating love between all sexes, and takes pride in women recognizing their love for other women.

The term was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, which also assisted in the spread of the expression.

Today “Sapphic” has raised to such a prevalence, that there is even a “Sapphic flag”, celebrating love between women.

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