What does Trigender mean?

A person who is trigender has a non-binary gender identity that consists of exactly three different genders.

They either simultaneously experience three different gender identities, or they vary between them. The three genders could be male, female, and any other non-binary identity.

If the identity changes over time, the person may also identify as genderfluid.

Their gender expression, as in how they like to dress and behave, is often androgynous, but its the individual’s personal choice. Sometimes their expression can be feminine or masculine, or even vary with their variations in gender identity.


What's the origin of Trigender?

Made up of the prefix “tri-” meaning three, and gender.

It is unknown who coined the term, but it is based on the Native American concept of “two-spirit”, a traditional third gender of a person who was neither male nor female, or both.

Spread & Usage

How did Trigender spread?

Many “trigender” people experience trigender dysphoria. It is different from for example transgender dysphoria in the way that they wish their body to present all three genders that they feel.

Because of this, some turn to transitioning and surgery, often to make their body more androgynous or fitting to their gender identity.

The term is explained on many LGBTQ platforms, and is a great relief for members who have struggled with explaining their identity.

The “trigender” flag is made up of two pink stripes, signifying the feminine genders, two blue stripes, signifying the masculine genders, and one green stripe in the middle, representing androgyny or non-binary genders.

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