Yas queen


What does Yas queen mean?

A reaction phrase to something that is really exciting, great and impressive.

It is used as encouragement to a friend or a person who achieved something.

You would use it when your friend did something good, got a new job, or posted a fabulous selfie, to pep them up and boost their confidence.

The “yas” in yas queen is often pronounced with strong pressure on the “a” and sometimes also “s”. The stronger the pressure on the vowel, the more powerful the reaction.


What's the origin of Yas queen?

Back in the 80’s, “queen” used to be a homophobic slur for a gay man, but the LGBTQ community and the drag queens took it back and made pride out of it. Ever since that, it has been used as a term of endearment.

“YAS” went viral on the internet in 2013, when a YouTube video was uploaded featuring Lady Gaga walking, and a fan loudly yelling “Yas Gaga, you look so good”.

The phrase put together was first seen in the urban TV-series “Broad City” in 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Yas queen spread?

Yas queen is predominantly used by women or drag queens, because of the gendered component “queen”.

Vines, YouTube videos and TikToks has been uploaded where the phrase is used, often in combination with a person doing something impressive.

It is also frequently commented under womens pictures, by other women or gay men.

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