Look Of Disapproval


What does Look Of Disapproval mean?

Look of disapproval refers to a sequence of characters, used for conveying feelings of objection, displeasure and shock.

The character sequence goes like: “ಠ_ಠ”.

Look Of Disapproval Collection #2! MOAR DISAPPROVAL!


What's the origin of Look Of Disapproval?

The “look of disapproval” is created with the letter “ಠ” (tha) from Kannada texts, which is a Dravidan language, heavily influenced by Sanskrit.

Despite its Hindustani origins, the character sequence is not popular in India, rather it first emerged on the Japanese imageboard site 2channel.

Spread & Usage

How did Look Of Disapproval spread?

The “look of disapproval” would later spread on to other, more popular sites such as 4chan, in 2007.

The character sequence was first written about on Urban Dictionary in 2008, although at that time, the moniker “look of disapproval” was not attested to it.

The term “look of disapproval” first emerged on Reddit in 2009 and spread on to numerous social media sites such as Facebook.

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