What does Malakas mean?

Malakas refers to a person who masturbates, and can be translated to the English derogatory term “wanker”.

The person who is “Malakas” has masturbated so much in his life that he doesn’t know how to use his brain anymore. He is ignorant and stupid.

He is a fool, or he is simply a person you really don’t like. In some cases, he is a person who does everything to get a woman but no woman wants him, like a “simp”.

Just like with many English cuss words, “Malakas” can be used as a funny term when referring to a good friend.


What's the origin of Malakas?

The term is Greek and literally translates to “the one who masturbates”.

In Ancient Greece, the term meant “self indulgence”, and in Latin, a similar term “malacia” refers to a peaceful state of mind.

During the middle ages, the term was synonymous to masturbation.

It was first in the late 1800’s that the term gained its current meaning; a fool, a person with low intelligence.

Spread & Usage

How did Malakas spread?

The term is still frequently used in Greece amongst friends and foes, and the occasional tourist should not be surprised to hear the word if they behave ignorantly.

English-speaking tourists would hear the term so often that they picked it up and brought it to their home country, and started using it as their own.

Greek tourist website defines the term as the most widely used Greek word and a vulgar slang. They also recommend only using it with very close friends,and not when talking to any random Greek person.

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