Mistakes Into Miracles


What does Mistakes Into Miracles mean?

Mistakes into miracles is traditionally a religious term, meaning that every act of God has a higher purpose. It means that even the things that appear faulty at first sight have a determined good in them, we just have to look behind it and watch Godโ€™s greatness unfold.

Internet culture has its way of mocking religion and its elements. Mistakes into miracles, a religious phrase, became a target of a bunch of ironic memes that mock the phenomenon of unplanned pregnancy.


What's the origin of Mistakes Into Miracles?

The exact origin of the term is currently unknown, but the idea of God turning mistakes into miracles has been part of Christian thinking since the beginning of the religion.

As a meme, mistakes into miracles started to appear as a caption for various cringeworthy fan-arts on DeviantArt.

Spread & Usage

How did Mistakes Into Miracles spread?

The initial and most popular meme of this kind was a slash-pairing artwork of Spongebob and Sandy, which shows Sandy pregnant and both characters appearing as a happy couple.

The image was uploaded originally on DeviantArt and later on Redditโ€™s r/WTF in 2010.

During the following years, various other fictional characters were featured in mistakes into miracles drawings, imitating the original.

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