Molly percocet


What does Molly percocet mean?

The term “Molly Percocet” is the name for when 2 drugs are taken together.

The “molly” is referring to the MDMA, which is commonly known as ecstasy, while the “Percocet” refers to a painkiller, containing Oxycodone and Acetaminophen.

They are very dangerous when they are used together and because of the well-known effect of the ecstasy when coming down from it, it can be very painful.

That’s when the Percocet’s painkiller effect comes in place and helps easing the pain, however it is highly addictive.


What's the origin of Molly percocet?

The term “Molly Percocet” first appeared in around the 2010s and was used in combination with the word Percocet, which is the name for an actual regulated drug and the slang word for the illegal drug ecstasy, which has been known since at least around the1970s.

Spread & Usage

How did Molly percocet spread?

The term “Molly Percocet” is well known out in the streets and in the club life, because its users usually consume it before or during parties, where the effect continues to last until the morning, and they can still use its effect to “fuck like rabbits”.

However, after this the Percocet is needed to kill the head and body ache, that kicks in during the come down period.

Thanks to the American rapper Future and his music in 2017. it became well known by those who weren’t familiar with the term before.

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