What does Morosexual mean?

A morosexual is exclusively attracted to people with a lower intelligence than themselves.

They are attracted to people who are often considered dumb or vacuous.

If a person says something silly or dumb, most people will find them stupid or ridiculous, but a Morosexual will find them cute, funny and attractive.

Morosexual is the opposite of “sapiosexual”, a person who is attracted to high intelligence.


What's the origin of Morosexual?

Morosexual became an official sexuality December 2, 2016, the same day as its first flag was created.

As humanity is not considered an exclusively heterosexual species anymore, this gave rise to the discovery and naming of all other types of sexualities, such as Morosexual.

Spread & Usage

How did Morosexual spread?

It is discussed whether Morosexual is actually a sexuality, or just a preference towards a trait, similar to preferring blondes over brunettes.

However, it can be a sexuality considering that being with a less intelligent partner will make you the more intelligent part of the relationship, giving a sense of superiority, although that does not give a basis for a healthy relationship.

In modern society, the majority of Morosexuals are men, especially looking for younger, “dumber” female partners, so that they can be the dominant part of the relationship.

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