What does Mpreg mean?

Mpreg is the short version of the two words Male pregnancy. While it has become a phenomenon in real life as well, it is mostly encountered in fan fiction works or science fiction novels or films.

In celebration of Father’s Day, I wanna remind you that this movie’s a thing.


What's the origin of Mpreg?

Male pregnancy can be seen in nature, in marine species. Such species are seahorses, pipefish as well as weedy and leafy seadragons, all of which belong to the family of Syngnathidae.

Male pregnancy is a theme in some fiction works, such as the widely known film, Junior, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. A definition was added to Urban Dictionary in 2003.

Spread & Usage

How did Mpreg spread?

Mpreg has become an internet phenomenon since 2008, when a fake site was launched, called

Later in 2010, a channel was also launched in YouTube, where the youtuber, mpregdude82 was faking it. On Tumblr, there were several upheavals of the theme, with pictures of men photoshopped pregnant surfacing.

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