Nag a Ram


What does Nag a Ram mean?

Nag a ram is an anagram of the word anagram and is the number one suggestion by a Google search for the word anagram.

It is a running gag among literature teachers, as well as the search engine.

Nag a ram is an anagram of anagram…


What's the origin of Nag a Ram?

“Nag a ram” is a poetically perfect example for anagram, as it is in itself the very anagram of anagram.

It is unclear when it was first discovered as the example of choice for an anagram, although it was certainly invented following the 19th century, when nag received its meaning of complaining constantly.

Spread & Usage

How did Nag a Ram spread?

The expression was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2010.

Google’s trend of suggesting “nag a ram” at a search for anagram began in the late 2000’s and turned into a well-liked topic of discussion on message boards and forums, concerning linguistics.

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