Naked Otter


What does Naked Otter mean?

Naked Otter โ€“ or Shaved Otter – is used to refer to a hairy, gay man. The most specific use of this term is for smaller, slimmer men, since a bigger person is referred to as a bear.


What's the origin of Naked Otter?

The association of gay men and animals come from the book by George Mazzei, โ€œWhoโ€™s who at the zoo?โ€ published in 1979. The term is yet unused here; the animal associated with hairy, gay men was bear.

It is speculated, though, that Naked Otter started its journey in the 80โ€™s, used to distinguish between men of smaller and bigger physiques.

Spread & Usage

How did Naked Otter spread?

Naked Otter became commonly encountered in April, 2017, when several memes were published, either warning people against, or at other times tricking them into searching for pictures.

It has become a similar phenomenon to Blue Waffle, or 2 girls 1 cup, preying on the inattentive surfers of the web.

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