Old Soul


What does Old Soul mean?

An Old Soul refers to a person who has different values than their peers, and/or they are simply wise beyond their age.

An “old soul” can also be described with the qualities, such as special sensitivity, a higher maturity level, or having a different taste in things that are usually dismissed by their fellows.

It is also a popular term amongst reincarnation believers, because having an old soul means a person has accumulated into a new being again because of their good karma.


What's the origin of Old Soul?

The origin of the term can be traced back to the 5,000 years old Chinese philosophical and religious system, Taoism.

Taoists believe that when the soul leaves the “Tao”, which is a global unity, it leaves to require more experiences.

The ultimate goal in Taoism is for the soul to return to its roots, enriched with many life experiences.

Spread & Usage

How did Old Soul spread?

The term “old soul” has been very common and popular in everyday conversations. It also has become a quite mainstream word, so to speak.

The very first entry submitted on the term on Urban Dictionary was in 2006, and the latest was written in 2020, which suggests the word has never gone out of “fashion”.

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