Peaked my interest


What does Peaked my interest mean?

“Peaked my interest” means that you are extremely interested in something, or “to bring to a maximum value or intensity.”

It must be noted that many english-speaking people, even the natives, are confusing the three homophones words: peak, pique and peek.

Pique means “to excite my interest,” as in “that movie trailer really piqued my curiosity,”. On the other hand, peek means “to attain the highest point of activity, development, or popularity,” or looking at something through a small space.


What's the origin of Peaked my interest?

The origin of the term is unknown, but it has been popular probably for decades now considering the fact that it isn’t really a made up word like other internet slangs.

However, one of the word people usually confuse it with is “Pique” which isn’t really so far from the meaning of “Peaked my interest” but technically it still doesn’t mean the same.

The word “Piquer,” is a French word which means “to stimulate one’s curiosity or interest”.

Spread & Usage

How did Peaked my interest spread?

Many articles were written about the topic of these three homophones, and explanations were written about the differences and a guide on how to use them.

As an internet slang, Urban Dictionary doesn’t have any entries about the term. There is only one about the term “Peek my interest”, which is not the same as “Peaked my interest”.

It is still a popular expression in everyday language, and it has been around for ages now and probably will stay for a long time.

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