What does Pelfie mean?

Pelfie is the modified version of the word of the century; selfie.

It has two possible readings; pet selfie, for naming the photo you made of your beloved animal and selfie of the man’s best piece, when you captured your junk for the rest of the world to wonder.

Apparently, it may also refer to an image of a pussy, according to one Urban Dictionary entry.


What's the origin of Pelfie?

For pelfie to be born, first English speakers had to create selfie, which entered the English dictionary in 2002 and has spread into the mainstream since then.

It is not known when the expression pelfie was created, but it is most probably originating from the late 2000’s or early 2010’s, the golden age of the internet, when creative users were grasping every opportunity to get more NSFW content on the web.

Pelfie is certainly a product of such strivings.

Spread & Usage

How did Pelfie spread?

The first Urban Dictionary definition on the term was added in 2014.

The subreddit called /r/pelfie was also created in 2014, where visitors to Reddit have the opportunity to stare at other people’s reproductive organs.

Pelfie is still not so widespread, mainly utilized by the younger generation of the internet, luckily older thots are not throwing pelfies around on Facebook, thinking it’s hip.

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