Pick Me Girl


What does Pick Me Girl mean?

Pick me girl refers to women, especially young girls, who are desperately trying to appease everyone, especially members of the male gender.

They are often described as “female simps”, going out of their way for the approval of anyone and everyone.

Paradoxically, this sort of behavior usually results in everyone disliking the girl in question.


What's the origin of Pick Me Girl?

“Pick me girl” behavior and characteristics wouldn’t be highlighted and spoken about online until late 2019, when the phenomenon would appear in Tweets, Tik Toks and social media posts.

It started emerging hand in hand with its male counterpart; simp, both expressions used to categorize avid seekers of approval in both men and women.

Spread & Usage

How did Pick Me Girl spread?

Both “pick me girl” and simp became a popular phrase online, with people discussing their behavior, aesthetics and characteristics.

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2020, with a large amount of entries added since then.

“Pick me girls” are the central theme of many of the contemporary online content, ranging from YouTube parodies, Reddit discussions, Tik Toks as well as memes all over the web.

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