Pitter Patter Let’s Get at Er


What does Pitter Patter Let’s Get at Er mean?

Pitter patter let’s get at er is a slang expression, synonymous with “let’s go do it!”.


What's the origin of Pitter Patter Let’s Get at Er?

The expression uses the phrase “pitter-patter” which has been used in English as a rhyming reduplication for making haste since the 1600’s.

“Pitter patter let’s get at er” has started seeing more widespread use since the sitcom, “Letterkenny” launched in 2016.

The phrase is often dropped by the stars of the series.

Spread & Usage

How did Pitter Patter Let’s Get at Er spread?

“Pitter patter let’s get at er” can be encountered on various sites and forums, especially those which are related to “Letterkenny” such as the subreddit r/Letterkenny.

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1 thought on “Pitter Patter Let’s Get at Er”

  1. Letterkenny is new.
    I’m Canadian and used to use this expression a lot back in the 80s. I think my dad used to say it to hurry me and my brother up getting ready to go out.
    The commercials for this season of Letterkenny reminded me of it; but it’s in no way unique to the show.
    Walk up to any Canadian over 45 and say pitter patter, I bet 9/10 would respond “let’s get at ‘er” 😉


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