What does Plox mean?

Plox is a slang that belongs to the gamer language and means please.

It is a parody to the more common slang words “plz” or “pls”.

At the same time as it is meant to mean “please” most online gamers state that its purpose is rather to annoy other gamers.

Some even say that for intensive players that spend more time online than anything else, the slang can also be used as a noun, verb or adjective, but you must be very familiar with the way gamers talk to each other to understand it.


What's the origin of Plox?

There are two suggestions to how the slang evolved;

  1. It was made to make fun of people who won’t bother to write the full 6-letter word “please”, but write “pls” or “plz” instead.
  2. It was made to make fun of “sweaty gamers”, who are often pictured obese, and have so thick fingers that when they try to write “plz”, they hit the wrong buttons, writing Plox instead.

Spread & Usage

How did Plox spread?

The slang is mainly used by the online gaming community, and even between gamers it is rarely used in real life speech.

The majority of gamers turn to “pls” or “plz”, while those who aim to annoy or make fun of these, or have stepped to the next level of the gamer lingo, have turned to use Plox.

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