What does Pokies mean?

Pokies may refer to several things, depending on the origin of the speaker, as well as the context of the sentence, it is in. For one, pokies are the name for those two little dots on your girl’s chest, when there’s a nip in the air…

Another use of the word comes from Oceania; namely Australia and New Zealand, where it is commonly used in everyday speech to refer to a poker machine.

Selena Gomez with pokies


What's the origin of Pokies?

The origin of pokies, as hard nipples, comes from the diminutive sense of the verb poke… because they poke through the clothes.

The other sense is also a diminutive of the original phenomenon they refer to, namely poker machines; a common sight in Oceania. They were introduced to the gambling community in the 1960’s.

Spread & Usage

How did Pokies spread?

Pokies are usually spoken about in the film community, where people discuss the majestic things they have seen on various actresses and in which scenes. It is also commonly heard associated with sports events.

The gamblers of the Pacific also use pokies daily; both the machine and the word. The first Urban Dictionary entry on pokies comes from 2005 – both for nipples and the machines.

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