What does 5/7 mean?

5/7 is a popular meme rating, originally given to the 1999 movie Fight Club, by a Facebook user named Brendan Sullivan.

The post became viral on Imgur and turned into an inside joke on the internet, appearing in the comment section of almost any kind of post, expressing appreciation both sincerely and ironically.

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What's the origin of 5/7?

“5/7” started emerging as a meme on December 6th, 2015, when Imgur user FreshPrinceofDenmark posted several Facebook screenshots, which featured a user named Robert Graves get on the nerves of others’ in the comments.

One of these screenshots depicted Brendan Sullivan getting torched by Graves, after he rated Fight Club to be a “5/7” movie, which he deemed a perfect score in a later comment under the post.

The screenshots depicting this cyber argument quickly grew popualr on Imgur, and began emerging on other sites within days.

Spread & Usage

How did 5/7 spread?

The sensation spread rapidly, as the screenshots were reposted on FunnyJunk the same day.

Meanwhile, Reddit users started asking around about the “5/7” jokes in the r/OutOfTheLoop subreddit, spreading the meme even further.

More posts would later appear about “5/7” on Imgur, Tumblr and Reddit, not to mention the comment section of every internet site, where at least one meme junkie rates something “5/7”.

As of 2022, the rating remains an iconic remnant of a bygone era in meme history, known by everyone people who ever entered the shadowy depths of 9GAG or Reddit.

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