All According to Keikaku


What does All According to Keikaku mean?

All according to keikaku or alternatively, just according to keikaku is a popular fansub (fanmade subtitle with intentional errors or hidden jests) joke from the 24th episode of Death Note, where one of the scenes depict the protagonist saying the words “just as planned”.

“All according to keikaku” paired with a translator’s note explaining that keikaku is the Japanese word for plan became a popular way of parodying fansubs which are prone to replacing English words with their Japanese counterparts.


What's the origin of All According to Keikaku?

The first case of the fansub joke emerged on the now inactive wiki.

On October 7th, 2007, a user posted a screenshot of Light Yagami from Death Note, paired with the fansub “just according to keikaku” as well as a translator’s note.

Spread & Usage

How did All According to Keikaku spread?

Following 2008, parodies of the fansub would be more frequent on sites like 4chan.

“All according to keikaku” has since become a popular phrase among anime fans, with keikaku becoming a synonym for the word plan in their dictionary.

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