Biffed It


What does Biffed It mean?

The term biffed it is an onomatopoeic expression, referring to someone hitting an object in a way that generates a loud noise.

If somebody “biffed” someone, that usually means they hit the other with a fist-punch.

Whereas when we say that somebody “biffed it”, we usually refer to someone who bumped themselves into an object accidentally.


What's the origin of Biffed It?

As mentioned above, the expression is an onomatopoeia, meaning that the word came to existence as an imitation of the sound that the action makes.

In this case, “biff” mimics the sound of a punch or an impact of a dull item on a hard surface.

The word started to appear in English language and entertaining literature during the end of the 19th century, originally in American English.

As an expression, biffed it was initially used in a sport magazine called Western Filed in 1905.

Spread & Usage

How did Biffed It spread?

The expression spread during the first half of the 20th century as a term related to sport.

Most commonly, it was used in relation with baseball players hitting the ball with the bat, which generates an iconic “biff” sound.

Later, during the late-20th century, it became a slang term that is utilized in various situations.

This modern meaning can refer to a punch, a fall, or any kind of forceful impact that makes a big sound.

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