Bomb diggity


What does Bomb diggity mean?

If something is Bomb Diggity, it means that it is really good. It is the best thing ever.

The thing or person you are calling “bomb diggity” is the coolest, hottest, biggest, greatest, most epic thing in the world.

If you are eating the best meal of your life, it’s “bomb diggity”.

If you are looking at the most attractive person you have ever seen in your whole life, they are “bomb diggity”.

This slang shows great appreciation for something or someone.


What's the origin of Bomb diggity?

In 1956, singer Perry Como released the single “Hot Diggity”, first introducing the slang “diggity” into pop culture.

“Diggity” by itself has no specific definition. Its meaning depends on the term it is placed before or after.

The combination “bomb diggity” emerged in the late 90’s – early 00’s, after the slang “the bomb” had reached its peak and people started creating new variations of it.

Spread & Usage

How did Bomb diggity spread?

“Diggity” has been widely used by musicians, in particular in RnB and rap genres, often associated with American black culture. It is used to accentuate a feeling.

Besides “Hot Diggity” by Perry Como, another example is the even more popular “No Diggity” by Blackstreet.

“No diggity” means something along the lines of “no way” or “seriously?”.

“Bomb diggity”, “no diggity” and similar slangs are mainly used in American colloquial English.

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