Bro Code


What does Bro Code mean?

The “Bro Code” is a list of social rules amongst men that refer to each other as “bros”, usually in a male friend group.

It is known as the law that goes above all laws between bros.

The top 5 rules on the list are:

  • Bros before hoes – meaning that your bros will always be more important than any girl you are with.
  • A bro can do something stupid as long as the other bros also do it.
  • If a bro gets a dog, it must be higher than knee height when adult.
  • A bro must pick a sports team and support them no matter what, even if they are not into sports.
  • A bro must not stare at a naked bro.


What's the origin of Bro Code?

Barney Stinson from the popular TV series “How I met your mother” made the bro code famous. He is a “player”, constantly flirting with women and doing over-the-top pickup moves to take them home.

Barney Stinson’s “Bro Code” is made to increase a bros chances to get laid.

Earlier references to such unwritten rules between men, or “male codes”, is seen even before Barney Stinson made it popular.

Spread & Usage

How did Bro Code spread?

Although most men don’t know all 150 rules, some are viewed as “holy” in male friend groups, such as “sisters are off limits”, “exes are off limits” and “another bros crush is off limits”.

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