Cutie Patootie


What does Cutie Patootie mean?

Cutie Patootie is a popular colloquial slang expression, synonymous with the phrases S-Cute and Cute As A Button, simply stating that the object of the attention is very adorable.


What's the origin of Cutie Patootie?

Although it is unclear, where exactly the rhyming slang phrase was conceived, one of the earliest appearances of the words cutie and patootie come from the 1991 collection of poems by women and girls by Susanna Steele and Morag Styles, published under the title “Mother Gave a Shout”, where one of the poems include the lines:

“Stop your crying

Cuddly cutire

Grandma’s little

Sweet Patootie”

Not long after this publication, “Cutie Patootie Clothing, Inc.” was formed in the United States, serving as a children’s wholesale clothing company since the 1990’s.

Spread & Usage

How did Cutie Patootie spread?

Over the subsequent years, more and more publications included the two words together, due to their rhyming nature.

“Cutie patootie” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2008, with numerous other entries to follow.

The phrase became even more popular following 2011, when the controversial child model, Eden Wood, who was known to be the subject of heated debates, released her song “Cutie Patootie”.

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