Dinkin flicka


What does Dinkin flicka mean?

Dinkin flicka is an ambiguous expression with multiple meanings:

  1. Shit happens
  2. That’s life / C’est la vie
  3. Get over it

It’s a phrase used when life doesn’t go as planned, or unfortunate events come your way.

For example, your mate tells you that his girlfriend broke up with him. There is not much you can say nor do, just “dinkin flicka”.

Dinkin Flicka


What's the origin of Dinkin flicka?

A variation of the expression, “dinkin flicker” has been around since the 70’s and was mainly used in black communities, as it is defined above.

It’s first mention in the media was by the character “Ralphie” in A Christmas Story from 1983. “Ralphie” used it as a made up curse word, although the slang already existed with a different meaning.

Spread & Usage

How did Dinkin flicka spread?

The slang has been around since the 70’s, however, it wasn’t very popular until it was mentioned in season 2 of the comedy TV series The Office.

In episode 18, character “Michael” asks “Darryl”, who is black, to teach him some slang terms from “the hood”, and “dinkin flicka” is one of them.

“Michael” then proceeds to use the slang in situations where things don’t go his way.

Someone cropped a short cut from the scene where “Michael” uses the slang term, and the cut is now circulating the internet as a GIF.

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