Doggy Bag


What does Doggy Bag mean?

Doggy bag is a phrase with several meanings, depending on the context as well as the age of the user.

In most cases and in its original sense, a “Doggy bag” is a container a restaurant provides for customers to take away leftovers, presuming it is for the pet Doge of the family.

In more contemporary contexts, however, “Doggy bag” may be used for the plastic bag, used for picking up the excrement of our canine companions.

Finally, “Doggy Bag” is also the name of a brand, that manufactures and sells containers for dogs themselves, not unlike a straitjacket.


What's the origin of Doggy Bag?

Although the exact origin of the expression “Doggy bag” is not known, it started emerging in the United States after World War 2, during the post-war bloom of the 1950’s.

In that era, the phrase was used in its first sense, asking waitresses to put the leftovers in a takeaway bag for the family pet.

Its prevalence rose significantly during the 1960’s and onwards.

Spread & Usage

How did Doggy Bag spread?

The popularity of canine companions in families rose along with the general wealth of Western countries, which in turn led to the rising popularity of the phrase “Doggy bag”.

By the turn of the millennium, the secondary meaning of the phrase was also established, as the rising number of dogs in public led to a rising number of dog poo as well, which had to be mitigated by “Doggy bags”.

During the 2000’s, the third sense of the expression was also born, with celebrities like Paris Hilton carrying their beloved pets in purses or handbags.

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