Dr Phil M&M


What does Dr Phil M&M mean?

Dr Phil M&M refers to a photoshopped character, merging television personality Dr Phil and a green M&M.

The cross has been used as a disturbing image macro since 2008 and has seen a spike in posts in 2017.

Dr. Phil is an M&M


What's the origin of Dr Phil M&M?

The character was created thanks to an advertisement campaign, run by M&M in 2007, with the thematical phrase “There’s a little M&M in all of us”.

Many celebrities have been edited into M&Ms in the campaign, including Dr Phil.

An early edit of the “Dr Phil M&M” was uploaded to the blog Post Rejects, which paired the character with the captions “I know this image was created with clever digital manipulation. Still, it haunts my dreams”.

Spread & Usage

How did Dr Phil M&M spread?

During the 2010’s, the “Dr Phil M&M” would appear on numerous sites online, mostly described as the “stuff of nightmares”.

It would be uploaded to sites like Imgur, Tumblr as well as Twitter and Reddit.

The meme experienced a spike in its popularity during the summer of 2017, due to YouTuber Sethical using it in several videos, including No Clout, which was uploaded on June 22nd, 2017.

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