What does Ferda mean?

Ferda is something that is done in benefit for “the boys”, the group of male friends they hang with.

It is short for “for the”, and sounds very similar if pronounced. It is synonymous with FTB, acronym for “for the boys”.

The action that is referred to as Ferda is usually a very good move, normally something that qualifies as “taking one for the team”.

It can also be a term of endearment to a good friend, or for something that sounds cool


What's the origin of Ferda?

It originated as a hockey slang from the famous Canadian YouTube- and TV-series “Letterkenny”. In 2016, they created an own “Ferda edition” of the show, defining the slang and saying that this special edition is Ferda super-fans.

Ferda was also the title of one of its episodes in season 8, where The Hockey Players start up a club for men – Ferda boys.

Spread & Usage

How did Ferda spread?

The slang is mainly used as a hockey slang, but has also been adopted by male friend groups in English speaking countries, particularly in Canada, where the slang emerged.

However, there is discussion whether the term is actually “cool” to use, or if mostly teenagers use it to try to look cool.

External resources

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