Finally, some good food


What does Finally, some good food mean?

The phrase “Finally, some good food” comes from the television series called Kitchen Nightmares of the world famous chef and savage; Gordon Ramsay.

The expression got great popularity, becoming an image macro, used for the base of several master level memes, often pairing the macro with random or disgusting food or creating an entirely separate sentence, blacking out parts of the original one.


What's the origin of Finally, some good food?

Finally, some good food is heard in the first episode of Season 5 from Kitchen Nightmares.

It aired in late 2011 and the host of the show, Gordon takes a bite out of a cake before saying the legendary sentence.

Spread & Usage

How did Finally, some good food spread?

The sentence needed six years of incubation to turn into its own butterfly, by becoming a meme in 2017.

The whole process started out on the /r/dankmemes thread of Reddit.

The phrase started a wave of Forbidden Snacks memes, with inedible objects being paired with the image macro.

The meme had spread onto all meme mediums, since then, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, where memes tend to be banned by authorities…

The expression, though not as popular as in the past, is still being used for memes and is still retaining its place among the dankest of the dank.

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