Flarpy blunderguff


What does Flarpy blunderguff mean?

Flarpy blunderguff is a made up word created by one of CBS’s famous tv series, Criminal Minds.

In the show it was hinted that the meaning of the term is when people are having consensual intercourse involving oil based paint and food.


What's the origin of Flarpy blunderguff?

The episode titled The Black Queen, in which the slang term had its first appearance, aired on the fifth of January 2014.

After the episode’s first appearance, fans got eagerly interested in the term and searched the internet for a definition.

But, since it was a made up word created by the writers of the show, there was nothing about it yet.

The very first entry about the term was submitted on Urban Dictionary about two weeks later of the episode’s premier.

Spread & Usage

How did Flarpy blunderguff spread?

After a bit of time, the term “Flarpy blunderguff” was trending on Twitter and was also popular amongst Facebook users and other social media sites.

However, the slang didn’t receive so much attention outside of the fandoms of the show and is still only associated with it.

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